The Process

Every can and bottle of Doc’s starts with the same fundamental ingredients: fresh, locally-grown apples sourced directly from our Hudson Valley orchard.

How do we get from local apples to award-winning cider?

How Doc's Is Made


    Doc’s is made only from the freshest apple juice and never from concentrate.  The apple harvest is the most important step in producing award-winning cider.  It is the critical time of year, where we spot pick apples directly from the trees to ensure the highest quality fruit.  Our seasonal varietals follow the same harvest & production principals.  The best fruit produces the best cider.  


    Each hand selected apple travels from the orchard to the apple press.  Here, we extract an unfiltered, unaltered, sweet, delicious juice to create the base for our cider.


    We slowly ferment our fresh apple juice using enzymes and a champagne-styled yeast.  Transforming sweet apple juice into award-winning cider is a process we’ve developed over the last 20 years, and it is both a science and an art.  


    Once we’ve reached the ideal fermentation and flavor profile, we chill filter the cider to ensure purity and clarity in the glass.


    We are a true farm to glass operation.  Our eyes and hands are on every step of the process.  We gently carbonate, pasteurize and fill bottles and cans with our cider.  The final step is to send out Doc’s for the world to enjoy.

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