The Orchard

We Love To Grow Apples. We Love To Make Cider.

It is an honor and a joy to cultivate fruit, make cider and share it with others. We grow over 65 different types of apple trees, and we are always exploring new varieties to put in the ground. Why? Well, primarily because to develop the perfect cider, you need to experiment with lots of interesting apples. We also believe it is important to celebrate and revive apples which are no longer available in the market.

Grocery store apple varieties are selected based on their commercially appealing color and longevity. In the Doc’s Orchard, you'll find inspiring and unique varieties of every shade, texture, and flavor. Enjoy the crisp new varieties of today and the wildly diverse apples of our ancestors.

We welcome you to visit our pick-your-own farm in the fall and taste Doc’s Cider. In the Doc's Orchard, you can expect to meander through the trees with us, pick different apple varieties, drink Doc's Cider, and discover the history behind each apple and our Great American Cider.

Experience what it truly means to drink a well-developed farm to glass cider.
Experience Doc's Cider.

The apples in our handcrafted cider come straight
from our orchard in the foothills of the Hudson Valley.

We grow more than 60 different apple varieties in our orchard, each selected for maximum flavor and unique taste. Here are some of the apple varieties that you will find in our orchard—come visit to taste them all.