“It’s like a hug from autumn”

A blind taste-off of 23 pumpkin beers and ciders - Willamette Week "This kicks ass. A little nutmeg, a lot of pumpkin and not too sweet." >> "It really balances the apple and pumpkin—it's like a hug from autumn." >> "A light, crisp cider that brings back memories of my mother's sugar-free pumpkin pie."

Our Team

Doc’s is handcrafted by a dedicated team who are deeply passionate about apples, orchards, local agriculture, and making the world’s finest ciders.
If you’re interested in joining our team, you can get in touch with us here.

Cooper Graney
Head Cider Maker

Cooper started at Doc’s in 2005. After studying food science and technology at Virginia Tech, he assumed the responsibilities of Head Cider Maker. He oversees the entire cider making process from pressing apples to bottling the final product. Cooper is always focused on innovation and crafting the next big thing in hard cider.

Chris Byrnes
Assistant Cider Maker

Having worked at several East Coast wineries during his career, Chris recently switched his focus from wine making to cider making. Since joining the Doc’s team in 2017 his knowledge of fermentation dynamics has proved a valuable addition when crafting some of the finest ciders in New York.

Mark Sullivan
Production Assistant

Mark first started work in the Doc’s taproom over 6 years ago. In 2016 he was “stolen” by the production crew and has never looked back. He’s a key team member in kegging, bottling, and filtering, and is often found affixing the iconic Doc’s gold foil tops (by hand) during packaging.

Mark Morton
New York Brand Manager

Mark has worked with Doc’s for 10 years as a brand manager. Previously he worked in sales for Wells Fargo Financial. Outside of the office, he enjoys fishing, camping, playing blues guitar, and failing at fantasy football.

Mike Moran
New Jersey and Pennsylvania Brand Manager

Mike has worked with Doc’s for four years and is a certified beer server. He’s an avid home brewer, guitar player, and gamer.

Dillon Flannigan
Local Area Sales Representative

Dillon has been a member of the Doc’s team for 3 years. Over the course of his career, he’s worked as a delivery driver, forklift operator, and professional baseball player. When he’s not sharing the Doc’s story, he enjoys fishing, camping, and playing poker.